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Our Services

SMS is the first company in Cyprus that fully specialises in servicing the FMCG sector. SMS pioneered the concept of Merchndising and Retail Audit in Cyprus and has now extended the spectrum of its services to Order Taking, Retail and Store Audit, Market Research and Consulting.
SMS remains the leading company in servicing the Cyprus retail sector. Its services are valued by the most esteemed international and local FMCG companies. The list of our customers speaks for itself! 
Your Benefits
By utilising our services you can enjoy a number of significant benefits, such as:
  • Substantial reduction in costs, by taking advantage of the synergies that our network offers and effectively sharing your costs for Merchandising, Order Taking, Distribution etc.
  • Increased sales from the better presentation and promotion of your goods at the point of sale.
  • Increased sales from elimination of shortages in the retail outlets.
  • Reduced returns by placing your goods with shorter expiration dates at the front of the retail shelf 
  • Better understanding of your competitive position and proactively take measures to eliminate actual and potential problems by utilising the results of our Retail Audit and Market Research services.
  • Maintain a competitive anvantage over your competitors by being better informed, in a meaningful and timely manner, on the latest stand of your position in the Cyprus retail market, benefitting from our Retail Audit and Market Research services.
  • Focus on you core business by letting us take care of functions and activities that may divert you from your main effort and core competences! 

With a network of around 100 Merchandisers and a countrywide coverage, SMS provides to its customers everyday presence in each and every major Retail Outlet in the entire Cyprus market.


We make sure that your products are available on the shelf, are clean and neat, have the correct price tag, are ordered in accordance to their expiration date and they stand out amongs the thousands other products in a retail outlet! 


We make sure that your promotianal material is displayed at the correct time and at the correct position!


Our Merchandising Services help you simultaneously increase your sales by better projecting your products and reduce your cost by benefitting of the synergies of our network.

Retail Audit / Store Audit

Who are your main competitors and how do you stand in comparison to the competition?


In which areas are you performing welll and in which areas are there still opportunities for improvemnt?


In which retail outlets and in which geographic areas you perform best and in which outlets you fall behind? 


How do your sales personnel compare with each other and with the sales personnel our your competitiors?


In which areas of your business you should intensify your efforts and stand up to fearce competition?


You can get reliable and meaningful answers to all theese questions by utilising our Retail and Store Audit service. A business information tool specifically designed to assist you improve your competitive position in the market! 

Order Taking     

Our customers benefit from our everyday presence in the major retail outlets and our Order Taking service.


You don't need to bother with checking your stocks in each Retail Outlet and placing the Order.


Our staff can do this task for you reliably, timely, efficiently and, above all, at a fraction of the cost! 


The Order can be sent to you on the spot, electronically or by fax, or we can directly interface with your stock control systems. 


Business Consulting

Our extensive experience and excellent knowledge of the Cyprus retail market, our personal relationship with most business leaders in all stages of the Cyprus retail chain, our everyday interaction with customers and suppliers in all retail channels and the strong academic and vocational background of our team, make us the ideal partnet for advising and consulting you on most issues relating to the Cyprus retail market. 


We provide top-caliber individualised consultancy and advice and help our customers make the best of their competences.

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